Monday, April 1, 2013

Logo Golf Ball Markers Sets Makes Ideal Gifts For Golfers

Golf is a game that has a huge global following of professional and amateur players as well as millions of spectators. The industry involved with manufacturing clothing, equipment required to play the game is immense, and dedicated players spend billions annually. Amongst the multitude of items required to play this game one may find they require Logo Golf Ball Markers. People, who pride themselves for every situation when playing the game, will always have more than one of these items in their bags.

According to golfing rules when a person needs to clean their ball or move it they have to correctly mark the spot before picking it up. For this reason, a marker is an essential piece of equipment. Marking a spot on the green or fairway in any other way is against the rules. Before these items, people used a coin as their marker. These were serviceable but not always desirable as they stood out above the surface and could alter the course of a putted ball. No one person is credited with this invention but the fact that they are so readily available and extensively used by millions of people is proof of their usefulness.

As an advertising medium, these tiny spot indicators are an amazingly effective tool. A logo or name brand is highly visible to everyone present whenever it placed on the green. Purchase these small items singularly or in sets, which include ground repairers, tees and scorecards. Golf courses, international event organizers and top class golf equipment makers often sell these in unique gift packs or make them for free promotional handouts. Purchase the cheaper types large quantities. However if a person is looking for a present they may want to select from the more expensive gift sets. In most instances, a marker is a flat top with a spike attached but also available with a snap, which attaches to a golfing glove.

The cheaper option is plastic, but with many innovations that have taken place, metal markers have become more affordable as well as extremely popular. They are stronger, better made and able to remain in top condition regardless of how often they are used. Companies may want to use this option to ensure their promotional item carries a message of product or service excellence. Popular metals include aluminum, zinc alloys, copper and zinc. The basic holder is finished off with a resin epoxy or cloisonné type enameling. Silver, nickel and gold are used n some instances when adding value to items, to finish off a design. Innovations include a clip-on backing easily attached to a golf bag, hat, glove or peak and quick to access.

Logo Golf Ball Markers are not only practical but in some instances very decorative and often made for special occasions. For this reason, players and game followers consider them highly collectible alike. Personalizing markers for an extra fee is commonly available.

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