Monday, April 1, 2013

Types of Promotional Golf Gifts

There are many types of promotional golf gifts available for awards or sales assistance. Business clients receive these gifts with pleasure. Giving it as an employee incentive is sure to increase office morale as people compete for the gift. The products available range from simple items to entire golf sets.

Many golf enthusiasts love to cover their desk with related trinkets. These items are great conversation starters and provide a fun environment for employees. There are sterling silver tees and balls, miniature greens, and office putting sets. Enthusiasts will covet each item offered to them. Providing items with the employee name is a huge hit. Showing up on the green with tees, balls, clubs, bags, and accessories embroidered with your own name is definitely a status symbol. Most people spend a lot of money to personalize their own sets. Receiving items already imprinted goes a long way towards making an employee feel highly valued.

Corporate logos can go on anything. Giving any of the items away as a promotion means free advertising as well as good business relationship building. The other players will become familiar with your logo and even inquire about the company. Many executives gravitate towards playing with others in similar companies. If they are using your corporate logo to play, others will know they are satisfied with their relationship with your company.

Give entire sets of clubs and bags as a high-end gift. These are not cheap. In fact, other golfers will quickly recognize that your company spent a lot of money on a very valued employee or business associate. The gift will be the envy of others who have to piece together their own set. Often, they will seek out the company that provided such a high valued gift. Outfits are very popular in this sport. The golfing world has a set of standards for the clothes used. Since the players are often in varying weather for hours at a time, they use specialized outfits that allow them to adapt. Putting your logo on these outfits and giving them as gifts will get you visibility that other types of advertising could never find.

Many accessories need replacing frequently such as tees, pencils, golf balls, and towels. They are discarded, lost, broken, and worn out regularly. They are the perfect type of gift because they need replacing on a recurring basis. Associates and employees will come back for more of these items. Since some of them are lost on the green, others may pick the items up and reuse them. This puts the logo back into circulation in ways unimagined. Promotional golf gifts are extremely valuable and spread your logo quickly. Putting your logo on all of the items can be an invaluable source of advertising. The recipients always enjoy the gifts and they will use them. These types of give-a-ways do not go to waste. Instead, people in decision-making positions will be flooded with your logo, helping them become familiar with your company.

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