Monday, April 1, 2013

Selecting the Best Golf Tournament Trophies

When you select golf tournament trophies, you will need to make your decision based on personal preference and tournament options. There are many different design style, types, and shapes available. The awards should appropriately reflect the accomplishments of the players. Cost is a factor, so when you are shopping, you will need to consider engraving costs and discounts based on bulk purchase. The awards are a significant part of game day.

Many events use crystal or clear glass awards. Many sports have been using this style for years. They can also use clear plastic. The look provided is very clean and eye catching. They also come in many different shapes that make for a great display in the office or at home. Mounted silver awards on a nice wood or marble stand provides a very nice, traditional style. The wooden stand is often a darker wood. Many have begun using a nice white marble with deep, dark stripes throughout. They also come in a brass colored award to complement the wood stand. The care is a bit more than the crystal version, but they last many years. There are many shapes available to complement the reason for the award. A very popular shape is the swinging golfer mounted on a wooden base. The other shapes include bowls, golf balls, or combined shapes. The combined shapes include club and ball, tee and ball, and portions of a golf course.

Several awards are using given on tournament day. The obvious choices are first, second, and third place winners. Add other categories depending on the types of players you host. Junior leagues often include age categories because the younger kids have a hard time competing against high school age kids. Charity organizations often enjoy rewarding things like a hole in one, fastest player, best score, and even hole specific play. Engraving enhances the awards. Most serious events will at least include the name of the event and award received. Others will offer to add the name of the player to the engraving. Collect the award after the presentation ceremony and sent to the engraver. Having the names added to the plate makes the awards even more sentimental to each winner.

Costs for these awards vary. The costs will depend on several factors including the material used and engraving choices. If the awards are custom built, they will cost more. Often, you can purchase several similar awards for a bulk price. When you negotiate the engraving cost, you may ask for a price break to add names after the event. Using golf tournament trophies is usually much better than handing out ribbons. The awards can sit on the display case. When you add engraving to the awards, it will be easy to keep track of the events. The prices are typically reasonable enough and they give a great feeling to every recipient.

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